A Tale of Two Tomatoes

Tomato ImageOne of the most important ingredients in Italian cuisine, tomatoes, forms the base of many dishes: from parmigiana di melenzane to pizza bases to a myriad of pasta sauces. It’s no wonder that Italian cooks insist on the best quality tomatoes possible, since it is usually the main ingredient of their dish.

Fiamma Vesuviana


Situated at the bottom of the Volcano Vesuvius in the South of Italy, sits the head-quarters of Fiamma Vesuviana (Vesuvius Flame), Adriatic’s long-time supplier of tinned tomatoes. This company was founded in 1959 and has seen three generations of the Ambrosia family take the reins.
What makes these tomatoes so special is the type of soil that they are grown in. Thanks to two massive eruptions from the volcano thousands of years ago, the soil has rich deposits of tephra, supplementing the soil with nutrients that has made its tomatoes famous around the world.
The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity makes Fiamma the perfect Neapolitan tomato. Find it in whole-peeled, diced or passata.

Fiamma Products


Based in the north of Italy in the area of Parma — also known as the “Food-valley” of Rodolfi LogoNorthern Italy — Rodolfi processes over 150,000 metric tons of fresh tomatoes in two massive plants. Quality pasta and pizza sauces, pastes, chopped and crushed tomatoes and passata make up this prestigious company’s product catalogue. The Ortolina range also includes a selection of ready-made sauce in tubes.

Rodolfi is one of the oldest producers of tomato products in Italy with 110 years of experience under their belt, concentrating heavily on quality management picking their tomatoes at perfect ripeness.

Rodolfi Products

See our range of Fiamma Vesuviana and Rudolfi tomatoes at Adriatic

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