The Best Moka Pot Coffee Ever

Pezzetti Mocha PotIf you’re serious about making moka, follow these tips from Italian coffee producer, Segafredo Zanetti to get the best stove-top coffee ever.

The Water 

Choose the best quality water possible. If you can, use mineral water. Make sure that you you use cool water. Don’t try to use pre-heated water to speed up the process, the water needs to slowly warm for the process to work.

Do not exceed the valve level when pouring in the water. If you are looking to make Americano coffees, pour all the way to the valve level. If you want espresso, use half as much water.

Moka Pot Products

We recommend using a moka pot made by Pezzetti as they are of the highest quality.

 The Coffee Grounds

Its best to choose medium-fine grounds for your moka pot. Fill the basket with coffee and screw the basket back into the pot. No tamping is required.

Moka Coffee Products

Segafredo has an excellent range of ground coffee products that are specially produced for superb results with your moka pot.

 Making the Coffee

Moka Pot SegafredoPut the moka pot onto your stove or heat source. Make sure that you heat the coffee slowly so as not to burn the gasket or the coffee. At this stage, keep the cover of the coffee maker open, otherwise condensation will affect the taste of the coffee.

Turn off the heat once the coffee has flown out of the pot. Stir the coffee in the pot and then pour it into cups and drink immediately.

Make sure to clean your moka pot every time that you use it, but do not use detergents, only warm water. Replace the gasket when it starts to wear. You can find moka pots, spare parts and ground coffee for moka at Adriatic.

Moka Pot and Cup


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