Paone Pasta

PaoneHistory of the Brand

Pasta Paone began in 1878 in a town called Formia, situated on the Gulf of Gaeta on Italy’s west coast, north of Naples. In the beginning, Domenico Paone built a small shop to produce pasta, using the sea-breeze swept terrace as a drying area. 

The mild climate made it a fantastic place for the pasta drying process. Eventually a mill and factory was built. Many women were employed in the factory to make the pasta. This, at a time when female labour was very uncommon. Women were chosen for their gentleness and skill.

Due to its popularity the brand has survived, despite destruction of the pasta factory by fire in 1920 and a Second World War bombing. After both incidents, the factory was re-built with newer technology to keep up with ever-changing pasta-making technology. In 1948 Domenico’s nephew took over from his late uncle and expanded the factory to account for higher production requirements. Generation after generation of the family has succeeded in maintaining the high-quality of the pasta, establishing Paone as a respected and widely recognized pasta all around the world.

A square exists in Formia, in honour of Domenico Paone who is often referred to as the Knight of Work. Domenico was responsible for much of the construction of the town itself



Carefully selected raw ingredients, including excellent quality durum wheat and pure mountain water that flows near the factory, ensures the quality of the product. Strict testing is adhered to to check for consistency, colour and the correct organoleptic properties.

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Pasta on a fork

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