Adriatic’s Minini Range

Minini logoThree generations starting from the 1920s has lead to constant improvement and a dedication to quality wine-making. Minini makes a wide range of wines in the typical Italian tradition at great prices.

See the list below for the Minini wines that Adriatic brings to South Africa.

We recommend decanting each of these for a few hours before drinking in order to fully enjoy these old-world wines.

Valpolicella DOC

A traditional red varietal from Verona with a beautiful, bright hue and fruity flavours

Minini ValpolicellaColour: Ruby red with garnet tinges

Nose: Maraschino cherries and almonds

Taste: Cherries and berries*

Food Pairings: Drink on its own or with grilled red meat

*Cherries and berries? Are cherries berries? It’s delicious any way.

Merlot IGT

A flavoursome, light and youthful wine that can be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon.

Minini MerlotColour: Bright ruby colour

Nose: Cedar and cassis

Taste: Fresh and fruity with lingering cherries

Food Pairings: Drink on its own or with roasted meats

Cabernet IGT

Full of raspberries but nice and dry on the palate.

Minini CabernetColour: Ruby garnet

Nose: Fresh raspberries, slightly vinous

Taste: Light and dry, raspberries, gentle tannins

Food Pairings: Drink on its own or with charcuterie

Frascati DOC

Frascati is a town in Rome in the Lazio region, the typical white wine from that area is also known as Frascati.

Minini Frascati

Colour: Pale gold

Nose: Candied lemon rind

Taste: Lemons, Grannysmith apple-like acidity with a subtle minerality dry and light

Food Pairings: Seafood (especially calamari)

Soave DOC

The Soave grape is indigenous to the Soave commune of the Veneto region.

Minini SoaveColour: Pale gold

Nose: Crab-apple

Taste: Crabapple with hints of sweet, creamy banana

Food Pairings: Creamy soups, risottos, panettone

Montepulciano DOC

A full-bodied wine made from Italy’s second most widely spread grape varietal

Minini MontepulcianoColour: Deep ruby and violet

Nose: Fruity bouquet

Taste: Red and black fruit, good body

Food Pairings: Traditional Italian food like lasagne

Bardolino DOC

A juicy and delicious blend from the shores of Lake Garda

Minini BardolinoColour: Brilliant ruby red

Nose: Black berries

Taste: Sweet blackcurrant, juicy finish

Food Pairings: On it own or with delicate charcuterie: Parama ham, mild salame

Valpolicella Ripasso DOC

Complex with soft tannins – just beautiful

Valpolicella RipassoColour: Deep ruby red with violet tinges

Nose: Liquorice, fruity notes

Taste: Red fruits; cherry, raspberry, touch of spiciness, gentle tannins

Food Pairings: Soft cheeses and on its own

Audax Pinot Noir IGT

Audax: Latin for bold or daring

Audax Pinot NoirColour: Light bodied red

Nose: Soft vinous notes

Taste: There is a distict minerlity

Food Pairings: Hard cheese

Alydar Sauvignon Blanc

Italian Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect with pasta.

Alydar Sauvignon BlancColour: Pale straw

Nose: Tropical fruits especially Papaya

Taste: Typical Sauvignon Blanc, guava, smooth and well-rounded

Food Pairings: Seafood, white pasta dishes





Nero D’Avola IGP

Caruso Minini Nero Davola

Colour: True red

Nose: Berries: mulberry, cranberry

Taste: Red and black fruit, plum, cranberry finish

Food Pairings: On its own, pasta

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