Berlucchi Spumante at the Oscars

Berlucchi Oscars

Oscar Winner Paolo Sorrentino celebrates his Oscar win for Best Foreign Language Film for “La Grande Bellezza” with a Franciacorta: Berlucchi 61.

La Grande Bellezza Poster

Set in Rome, the film follows aging writer Jep Gambardella, made famous in his twenties for a novel he wrote,  as he muses over his life and first love. A deep sense of disenchantment with his life  and a distaste towards the glitterati socialites that now make up his social circle are main themes.

Have you seen this film? Tell us your thoughts.

Oscar StatuetteBerlucchi61Brut

Pop past Adriatic to get your bottle of Berlucchi, or purchase online, and celebrate with Mr Sorrentino and Italy!

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