Something Special For You This Valentine’s Day…


Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide as an ode to love, so it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the origins of the day are as mysterious as love itself… Indeed, little is known about the true identity of the official patron of Love, Young People and Happy Marriages (among other things).

One version states that he was a Roman citizen executed for refusing to give up his Christian faith; another refers to him as the former Bishop of Terni, executed in similar circumstances. The popular account, however, commemorates a third-century priest who was imprisoned for marrying Christian couples and helping Christians being persecuted under Emperor Claudius. This Valentino (Latin: Valentinus) was reportedly (also) executed –on 14 February, 269 AD, in Rome.

Though his story might be tragic, and the accounts of it varied, we all love to celebrate love every 14th of February. And because we’re unashamedly romantic at Adriatic, we’ve selected some of our most romantic treats for you and your beloved… Note that all prices are valid until midnight of Saturday 14 February (just in case you tend to leave it till the last minute!)

 L’amore domina senza regole*

*Love rules without rules


Fantinel One & Only Brut Prosecco Millesimato 2012 hails from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy’s most north-eastern region and one famous for its diversity of both terrain and cultures. This single vineyard Prosecco (made from Glera grapes) is, according to its makers, conceived for the most sophisticated of palates. Described as “rich in floral fragrances and delicate fruity essences”, this truly is a charming declaration of love.

Why we love it… Produced in limited quantities – which is why it’s ideal served at special occasions.

Valentine’s Day special offer! R130.50  (valid until Saturday 14 February)


A pale yellow Prosecco, the Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry DOC is created from Glera grapes (previously known as Prosecco grapes) according to the Charmat (Italian) method. This lively sparkling wine has fine bubbles and is perfect as an apéritif or paired with dessert.

Why we love it… This is a classic, buoyant sparkling wine that complements any happy occasion. Although dry, it remains fresh and fruity.

Valentine’s Day special offer! R95.00 (valid until Saturday 14 February)


Intensely yellow with the finest bubbles, the Berlucchi ’61 Franciacorta Brut is bound to romance the taste buds. Superb as an aperitif or paired with light risottos and seafood dishes (although it also comes recommended with prosciutto or medium-aged cheese). Made from 100% chardonnay grapes.

Why we love it… A true brut, it’s also self-confident with a strong finish. 

Valentine’s Day special offer! R168.00 (valid until Saturday 14 February)


If sparkling wine is synonymous with celebrating life, then a rosé sparkling wine is all about celebrating a life filled with love! The Berlucchi Cuvee Imperiale Franciacorta Max Rosé is often enjoyed as an aperitivo, although it is substantial enough to be sipped throughout your meal.

Why we love it… It may have a soft romantic hue (perfect for creating ambience), but the palate is firm and velvety.

Valentine’s Day special offer! R189.00 (valid until Saturday 14 February)


Vergani Marrons Glacés are Italian chestnuts (specially picked in Montemarano, Tuscany) brushed with a thin sugar glaze. Each whole chestnut is individually wrapped, so they are a delight both to look at and eat!

Why we love them… Indulgent enough to be shared over dessert or offered as a gift to that someone special.

Valentine’s Day special offer! R73.53 (valid until Saturday 14 February)


Treat yourself to whole hazelnuts covered in the finest milk chocolate from gourmet confectionery house Mangini, who have been making sweet delicacies since the 1940s. Each Mangini Il Noccioletto is beautifully wrapped to give a sensory experience from first twist to that final lick of the lips.

Why we love them… Balancing both sweet and savoury, these caramelle symbolize the happy compromise.

Valentine’s Day special offer! R270.00 (valid until Saturday 14 February)

To place your Valentine’s Day order, email us at or visit our stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

All prices exclusive of VAT.

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