Barista Essential Toolkit

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Motta Metallurgica, makers of fine metal household products, have made a name for themselves producing excellent quality barista equipment for coffee making.

Their product range offers full-kit barista equipment and individual items. We explore the range in light of the everyday necessities that any professional or at-home barista would use.

Milk Jug

Black Milk JugRed Milk JugWhite Milk Jug

Milk jugs are used for steaming and frothing milk in the making of latte, cappuccino and macchiato.

Two jugs are recommended for the best latte art as the steamed milk can be divided to have a more consistent pair of cappuccinos.

As you separate the frothed milk between the two, pour the runny milk first and top up with the frothier for a perfect cappuccino.

Smaller jugs may suit individuals who are looking to make one milky coffee at a time.

These gorgeous milk jugs come in three striking colours: black, red and white; and you can have one of each at the price!


KnockboxKnock-boxes are used to dispense with the tightly packed coffee grounds from the porter-filter after the coffee shot is pulled.

The grounds can then easily be repurposed in your garden as compost, or thrown away.

Gently tap the rubber pole in the centre of the knock-box with the porter-filer and, if you have tamped correctly, the puck (or round of coffee grounds) will easily fall out in a solid mass.

Looking at the shape and texture of your puck can give you a good idea of the shot you have just pulled.

It should be firm and hold its circular shape, even once it has been tapped out into the knock-box. If your puck comes out of the porter-filer as a squishy lump of mush; start again.


A tamper is a personal thing.Tamper

Choosing one is like choosing a watch or handbag; it has to suit your sense of style as well as feel comfortable in your hands.

The tamper is pressed directly into the porter-filter over the coffee grounds and neatly swivelled to obtain a smooth finish.

The weight with which you tamp and the evenness of the tamp will determine the consistency in your shots.

Tamping Mat

Tamp matA tamping mat is where you secure your porter-filter when you tamp it with 20kg of weight to get the perfect consistency with your puck.

Rest your porter-filer on your mat when you press down with your tamper to get that perfect shot or when you are not using your coffee machine.

Tamping StationTamp stand

A tamping station can hold your tamper, porter-filter and other accessories while you are working, and for easy access or storage.

Milk Thermometer

ThermometerUsing a thermometer helps the barista to get the milk just right.

You want your cappuccinos to be about 60 degrees Celsius to be perfect.

Over-steamed milk can ruin the taste of your cappuccino as it will add an unpleasant burnt flavour to the coffee and be too hot to drink.

A good cappuccino needs to meld coffee and milk in the same sip at the perfect temperature.

Latte art penLatte Art Pen
If you want to show off a little, use the latte art pen / spoon to decorate your milky coffee by dipping it into the coffee and marking the frothed milk with twirls, dots and writing.

Get creative by adding faces, words and other objects to your drink.

Cleaning Brush

Group head cleanerWhen cleaning your coffee machine, it is important to regularly use a good descaling powder when you back-wash your coffee machine.

Use the porter-filter brush to clean out any coffee grit from the sieve in the porter-filter, which can become blocked with the fine particles.

A clean coffee machine makes more delicious coffee because there are no stale grounds to pollute the espresso.

Barista kit

Barista Kit
Choose a barista kit to get great value for money and all the essentials you will need to be an at-home barista.

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